Clustering Articles For Greater Link Popularity

Clustering is a methodology used in many aspects in today’s societies. Typically, it is used to tie similar, but different systems, functions, or ideas together into a single structure while each piece of the structure stands on its own merits.Strength in NumbersThe old axiom, “Strength in Numbers”, best defines the basis of clustering. People have been using clustering since the dawn of man by gathering in groups to establish a community and utilize the strength of the community to overcome their adversaries. Likewise, they have used that strength to produce food, tools, clothing, and other material items for the use and survival of the community. Countries have even joined together for a common goal and defense. During disasters we often see countries and organizations joining together to help the people to overcome the destruction that has been caused. All of these groups and organizations working together have formed clusters for “Strength in Numbers”.Today we can see many examples of clustering in the business world where companies join together to form larger and stronger companies. However, today we often term such actions as mergers and acquisitions. Never the less, such actions are still a methodology of clustering.Cluster MarketingWhen the techniques of clustering are applied to marketing methods the effects can produce some pleasing results. For years, internet marketeers have been applying the methodology of cluster marketing in their everyday marketing practices. When they launch a product they join forces with several key marketeers to advertise the launch.  Now, if you were to be a member of each marketeer’s opt-in e-mail list, you would receive an e-mail about the same event from several marketeers instead of just the originator of the launch.  This act of joining together is the very basis of cluster marketing.When marketeers launch a product they don’t just use e-mail as their only medium of advertisement. In addition to e-mail they will use press releases, direct mail ads, webinars, tele-seminars, etc. All of these different types of advertising are pointing to the one web site that the marketeer wants you to visit. The one limitation to cluster marketing is that it is a one way methodology. Cluster marketing in itself can be very powerful if the advertiser wants to throw enough money into the advertising campaign to sustain it long enough for the general public to catch on to the message it’s trying to deliver.With cluster marketing techniques you get one way links to your site as that is the direction the methodology is designed to support. The cluster methodology of marketing with the one way design has been very useful and powerful over the years as it emulates the human desire of pointing people in the right direction. Search engines have also found the one way links to be popular in ranking the popularity of a web site.  Within the last few years we’ve even seen the introduction of three-way links and have found how popular they can be with search engines.  However, setting up three-way links between various sites can be extremely time consuming unless you already own many sites where you can add all of the links required for three way linking.For years, marketeers have been experimenting with ways to build more links, with more “link juice” from authority sites. For the most part the results have been the same, the more advertising and the more articles that are produced the greater the link popularity. It has all boiled down to “Strength In Numbers”.Clustering ArticlesA few years ago I started to experiment with the broader technique of clustering articles. Soon, this method started to take hold within the internet marketing community as its ease of use became evident. This technique involves using a group of topic related articles to create back links to the target web site. These back links would not only relate to the target web site, but to other related locations. This inter-relational organization technique showed that over time, the link popularity increased while using fewer resources than the conventional one way link or three way linking methods.One of the more popular aspects of clustering articles is that it can be accomplished using free internet resources instead of extensive paid advertising. Also, back links can be established in a shorter amount of time using variations of the original related topic articles. While it is possible to use un-related topic article groups, the link popularity isn’t as good as using related themes throughout these groups.It’s important to note that these groups should be created from original content instead of copying someone else’s work.  The article directories and search engines are smart enough to know when you’re faking it with copied content.  Original content and variations of the original content in clusters have been found, in all cases, to produce the greater desired results.Social Networking and Video SharingWith the introduction of Social Networking the ease with which this technique can be implemented has increased over time. Additionally, the introduction of video sharing sites, do-it-yourself video production software, and camera systems with enhanced video production techniques has also enhanced link popularity when coupled with clustering articles. In future articles, I will expand on the “Techniques of Cluster Marketing” and ”Proper Creation of Variations for Clustering Articles”.

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